Betaine HCL TEST

Begin by taking 1 capsule of betaine hydrochloride (BH) before your largest meal of the day. You should feel a burning or warming sensation in your stomach or upper abdomen. You may also feel slightly “acidic,” or as though you have indigestion. Any reaction of this nature indicates you should stop taking the pills and that your stomach acid is sufficient. The test is now complete and I recommend repeating it yearly since stomach acid levels tend to decrease with aging as well as stress. If no reaction is felt after taking the BH, repeat the process the following day with 2 pills before your largest meal. If you still do not feel anything, continue to increase by one pill per day until you feel any change in your digestive system or you reach the maximum of 14 pills. Remember, you should feel something after one or two pills - this is normal. Taking more without feeling any response is a definite indication your stomach acid level is low. Once you reach the point at which you feel the warming or burning sensation it’s important to not cease taking the HCL capsules. In fact, you have just uncovered your level of deficiency. Simply take one less pill the next day and remain at this number of pills daily until the warming sensation returns. Continue to decrease in this manner by one pill each time you feel the warming sensation.

Betaine Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) voor te weinig maagzuur
Betaïne HCL supplementen die 30 of 40 mg pepsine bevatten worden ten zeerste aanbevolen. Wanneer dit bij maaltijden wordt genomen, kan betaïne helpen meer maagzuur te produceren. Het gebruik van betaïne kan je maag helpen om uit zichzelf meer maagzuur te produceren.

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